Create Minecraft Smooth Stone

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Minecraft! If you’re an avid player or just starting out, you probably know that crafting is one of the most important aspects of this popular game. And if you want to take your building skills to the next level, then learning how to make the Minecraft smooth stone is a must. Not only does it give your structures a sleek and polished look, but it’s also incredibly useful for creating more durable tools and weapons. So grab your pickaxe and get ready – we’re about to show you everything there is to know about making smooth stones in Minecraft!

What is Smooth Stone?

Smooth stone is a type of block that can be found in Minecraft and has many useful properties. As the name suggests, it has a smooth surface texture that gives it an elegant and polished look. It is also more durable than regular stone, making it ideal for creating tools and weapons that are less likely to break or wear out.

To create smooth stone, you first need to start with regular cobblestone. This can be obtained by mining stone blocks with any pickaxe. Once you have collected enough cobblestone, you can then smelt it in a furnace to produce normal (or “rough”) stone.

The next step is where things get interesting – instead of using rough stone directly in your building projects, you can further refine it into smooth stone by smelting it again! Simply place the rough stones back into the furnace and wait for them to transform into their smoother counterpart.

Minecraft smooth stone has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a decorative element in buildings, pathways, or even as flooring. Its polished appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any structure. Additionally, smooth stone is resistant to explosions, making it an excellent choice for creating blast-proof structures.

In summary, learning how to make and use minecraft smooth stone opens up a world of possibilities for creative building. By following these simple steps involving mining, smelting, and refining materials, you can easily create this valuable resource and enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of your structures.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Minecraft smooth stone, an incredibly adaptable block within the realm of Minecraft, serves a multitude of functions. Its applications span from being a fundamental construction component to serving as a crafting ingredient and an ornamental object. Crafting this invaluable resource necessitates a modest array of materials alongside the utilization of a furnace.

To make Smooth Stone, the first step is to gather Cobblestone by mining it with a pickaxe. You will need at least two Cobblestones for making one piece of Smooth Stone.

Next, you need to smelt the Cobblestone in a Furnace to obtain regular stone blocks. To do this, place the Cobblestone in the top slot of the Furnace and fuel such as coal or wood in the bottom slot.

Once you have obtained regular stone blocks from smelting cobblestone, put them back into your furnace again for another round of cooking until they turn into smooth stones.

Take out your newly crafted smooth stones from the furnace and add them to your inventory.

At first glance, creating polished stones may appear to be a complex undertaking. However, once you initiate the process, it quickly becomes remarkably uncomplicated!

How to get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Getting smooth stone in Minecraft is essential for crafting a wide range of items, including redstone comparators, repeaters, and blast furnaces. The process to obtain it can be time-consuming but straightforward.

Firstly you need to gather cobblestone by mining it with a pickaxe or finding it naturally generated in caves. Next, smelt the cobblestone using a furnace to create regular stone blocks.

Once you have regular stone blocks ready, place them back into the furnace and start smelting again. With this second round of smelting, you will get Smooth Stone as output.

It’s important to note that each block of Regular Stone takes around 10 seconds to smelt into one block of minecraft smooth stone┬áso make sure you have enough fuel for your Furnace before starting the process.

Obtaining smooth stone demands patience and dedication; however, once acquired, it unlocks a plethora of crafting possibilities that enhance your overall gameplay experience!


Minecraft smooth stone is an essential material in Minecraft that can be used for various purposes such as building, decoration and crafting. Making smooth stone is a simple process that involves smelting cobblestone in a furnace twice. You can also obtain it by mining it using the Silk Touch enchantment on your pickaxe.

If you’re playing Minecraft apk on different platforms like Minecraft Io or Minecraft for Mac, you can still make and use minecraft smooth stone without any difficulty. Simply adhere to the instructions provided within this article to commence your journey.

So go ahead and add some style and elegance to your next Minecraft apk project with the use of minecraft smooth stone!

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